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At BCBC youth, we are passionate about growing with Jesus and building real relationships with one another.

Jono Murray


Claire Murray

ABOUT... Claire and Jono Murray have a long history of involvement with the youth program at Boambee Community Baptist Church. After initially volunteering as young adults, they took a break to start a family. However, their passion for working with young people led them to return and revive the youth program, which has grown over the last 10 years to become the multiple groups that now run at Boambee Community Baptist Church. Claire, a part-time primary school teacher, together with Jono are dedicated to helping young people connect, find acceptance, and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They also emphasize the importance of strong family connections and regularly organize events that involve the entire family. Claire and Jono are open and welcoming to parents interested in their youth programs, happy to chat and encourage them to check out the programs for themselves.



Boost is our youth program for kids in years 1 to 4. It runs every second Friday, offering an abundance of games and snacks, as well as an engaging chat about bible stories.


Come along every fortnight for an hour and a half packed full of fun. Everyone is welcome!

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Impact is our youth program for kids in years 5 to 12. We invite you to join us on Friday evenings for a fun-filled night of activities, food and lots of laughter. 

Impact is a great chance to hang with old friends, meet some new ones and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. Can't wait to see you there!

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